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WTB: 64-5 4-note horn package


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I'm looking for the 4-note (trumpet) horn package from a 64. I'd prefer the complete system (all 4 horns) from a Riviera. I will consider horns from a 63. <P>Thanks.

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I sent you an e-mail but I am not sure that it went through so here is the reply. <P>I have a steering column and the evaporator with the expansion valve and some other things hooked to the hoses attached to it from a 1965 Electra 225. Is there anything that will work for you in this stuff?<P>The steering wheel is cracked but the rest of the parts look good and the evaporator and attached parts are clean and have been in a shed for quite a while. Judging by the condition of the fenders, dash,hood and other parts, the car was in good condition when it was taken apart.<P>If you e-mail me, please use this address:<BR>fredrawling@mediaone.net.

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