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Help needed to ID this carburetor

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I have a Stomberg Carb that I would like to ID. It has a B with a smaller 2 next to it on the body. Also, there is a 1 1/32 in a circle on the body, and an EE1 cast into the base. Are any of these numbers the designation of this carb.? Thanks for any help.





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Guest Bob Call

This is a Stromberg Model EE1 #48. The EE1 was primarily a replacement carb for 35 thru 48 Ford/Mercury V8. It came in three venturi sizes and thus the common names referring to the venturi size. The 1 1/32 cast on your carb identifies it as 1 and 1/32 inch venturi, or a Stromberg 48. The infamous Stromberg 97 has a venturi of 0.97 inch. The number 97 is usually cast on the side of the 97. The other is the Stromberg 81 with a venturi of 0.81 inch. Other than the difference in venturi and jet sizes the three are essentially identical. The 97 would have been a replacement for the Ford V8 60, the 81 for the 85 HP V8 and the 48 for the 100 HP V8. Rebuild kits and parts are available.

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Here is a link to a site that gives more correct info on the Stromberg 48, 81 and 97 than what I posted above.

New Products

Quite a bit of the information in this link does not agree with factory Stromberg literature.

A couple of examples: the so-called model 48 and model 97 use different throttle bodies and the 1 1/32 venturi was used on several different (but not all) Ford carburetors through the 1937 model year.

Actually there were 14 different Stromberg carburetors used on various Ford V-8's from 1934 through 1938, not just 48, 97, and 81.


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