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1922 Buick Touring

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I am new to this forum so excuse me if I screw up. I have the above auto and I need the stauchions that hold the convertible top when it is down: also bumpers and mounting parts: good places to buy parts such as points and plugs for the buick and finally the 1914-1930 Buick Master parts lists for 6 cylinder. Are there any other Buick nuts in the Fort Myers area of Florida? spib #45110


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Hi, Ken. I'm not in Ft. Myers but our baseball team has spring training there. Is that close enough?

To answer your question in the general section about floor coverings, my 1922 model 46 coupe came with a rubber mat over the wood floor boards. I can't imagine carpet in an open car - it would smell like a wet dog after each rain!

I purchased sparkplugs at NAPA - Autolite 3076. You can try Tom VanMeeteren for ignition parts. He is in Valley, Nebraska. Phone 402-359-5762. E-mail tsvanmeet@huntel.net.

Also, look up John Beatty - jbbuick22 on this forum. He is the BCA 1922 technical advisor. His phone is 508-647-1515. I have found John to be an excellent resource.

In 1922 bumpers were dealer or owner installed - they didn't come from the factory. There is a 1922 Book of Parts on e(vil)Bay right now in North Dakota with a bid of $9.99. There is also a set of sparkplugs bid up to $125 currently. I didn't pay anywhere near that at NAPA.

I suggest that you also post your questions on the Pre-War General forum. That forum has a huge following. Good luck with the car.

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