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1937 front brake hoses, New question, what is correct length?


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Hollander owners.

Could somebody please let me know the interchange vehicles for 1937-38 front brake hose, series 40.


Have since found a 1920-1948 hollander in our local library. I now see that brake hoses are excluded, so there is no answer to my original question.

New question, what is correct length? I see a few sellers and the lenght varies by a few inches. My brake hose was damaged by catching on the damper arm.

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Last year I needed new hoses for the LaSalle. The ones that were new in 1982 had deteriorated and were blocked with rubber crud. That made braking a real adventure.

I got terrific new ones from Brake Hoses Unlimited in Holland, MI. I just checked their site and they have what you need listed as a stock item. Their email is:


These guys will make exactly what your hoses are supposed to be, and they meet DOT standards. Avoid South American knock-offs at 1/3 the price--they are not DOT compliant. Your life is worth more than a few bucks savings in cost.


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