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6-61 Engine in South Africa


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By a stroke of good fortune we stumbled across what apears to be a 6-61 engine in South Africa, my own 6-81 and I were cruising around on a sunny sunday and found the engine on a display stand in an old garage. It looks as though it was used for some sort of demonstration unit. To my knowledge only three Peerless exist in South Africa so we have no idea where this engine came from or what happened to the rest of the car. Needless to say I bought the unit from the owner who was happy it was going to a Peerless owner.




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Guest Silverghost

Wow !

Talk about a stroke of good luck !

What are the chances of finding a Peerless engine in South Africa ?

And found by one of only three Peerless owners in the country !

I find for us collectors often things have a way of finding you !

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