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Stainless water return pipe for 28Master


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I have a 1930 Buick Model 68 (master) and need to have one made for my car. The ‘30 is only slightly different than the ‘28 and I can supply a sample water pipe for that engine. It is rusted but still good for a pattern. There are others with ’30 models who will want the same. Perhaps this will help bring your costs per unit down. I have sent you an email to the address shown above.


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In my opinion, there will always be a demand for some of these, for various years and models and I think most every model/year is different. It would be great to have them made and be able to be shipped to the US. Bulk shipping would be less costly, but that would require up-front money and someone to hold and retail in the US.


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Guys, I have evaluated my possibilities and due to exchange rate I cannot offer better price than USD 350 plus postage. Have pattern only for 4 legged 28 Master pipe, michaelod was going to send 1929 / 30 pattern pipe over. If still interested, please write to my e-mail, we can discuss the details. Josef

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