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Any Tips on New Radiator, Bumper, Bracket paint, bushings...?

Guest ErikDurocher

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Guest ErikDurocher

Hello again,

Tired of the drips...

Wondering if any of you with a '63-'65 Rivs have experience with any of the Cool Craft "replacement" Rads seen at this link that RivNut posted in January 1964 - Riviera - Buick - Radiators Cool Craft - I called them up for clarification & the guy told me $400 + tax & shipping for the 4-core Brass/copper one w/ Top center fill/cap & trans cooler on bottom 12.5" spaced -"identical" black replacement. Total height of 21" x 25" W.

The Aluminum one w/ fill/cap on the side would be $360 +T&S.

I also found what appears to be a good Aluminum "identical" looking replacement 2-Row, 1" rows, (wheras OE has 3 x .5" Rows) it is 22.5" High & 26"W -Desert Cooler $370 @ Buick Riviera, 1963-65 V8 Aluminum Radiator

--My concern with this one is the 22.5" Height - It seems my OE stock Rad got the pinhole on top from rubbing on the underside of hood (before new bump-stops), and it seems to be 21"ish High.

OPGI has a Repro 3-Row replacement for $370, unsure of dimensions. Jegs & Summit didn't have anything as appealing.

--:confused:-Any experience w/ these repacements/suggestions on Max. Rad height?

I do have AC and live in San Diego, w/ temp gage typically at 195-205 degrees. I will replace T-stat w/ 180 deg. and likely add new water pump while in there.

I've got a new Aluminum AC condensor so I sort of want the look of a matching Alum.Rad next to it (along w/ some chrome additions) -(I know, not correct/point deductions) sorry purists -not going all OE correct w/ this car for now...

But, since I want it to be able to go there eventually (OE), I will repaint the Engine, brackets & PS pump correctly. Will rebuild & strip existing drippy pump soon.

---What is the correct black paint for the PS Pump? Flat, Semi-Gloss, or? Is it same as firewall?

I'll get POR-15 Buick Green for block & brackets.

Oh, and will the '63-'64 top Front chrome bumper be an identical swap onto my '65? Or is the Front also specific to '65s?

--Know of any decent "reasonable/low-cost" Chrome platers in the San Diego/LA areas?

Thanks in advance to all.


ROA Member 12873

'65 Riv 401 Black/Black Posi 123K

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