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1963 Olds Jetfire Re-restoration- Turbo charged/Fluid injection

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Thanks for the kind comment! It has been fun and we enjoyed Hershey so much. All the people made it worthwhile. Should be back next year with the complete front suspension rebuilt and some other refinements.



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Next update. Made the Oldsmobile National meet in Gettysburg, PA Drove the car 4 hours both ways. Came away with a first place award. Very happy!! Still more details to add car is coming together.Caught up with a lot of old Olds friends.



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New update! Installed the correct 10" flywheel, clutch assy, and super T10. The stock t10 had a 2:56 first gear and was hard to get it moving with slipping the clutch. The new trans has a 3:42 first gear. That makes a big difference!! Next install the new replated rear bumper. Still more to do!!







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