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1963 Olds Jetfire Re-restoration- Turbo charged/Fluid injection

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These are a set of photos from 1985 just before I sold it!!!!

I am going to need parts!!!

Wanted: 1962/63 Olds Jetfire 215 Alum V8 parts:

Turbo, carb, intake & exhaust manifolds, Air cleaner, Turbo fluid tank, 4 speed parts: bell housing, flywheel, pedals, T-10 trans, mint or NOS Die cast trim for sale email me back..





Found!? (2009)


OK the deal is done. I have seen and purchased my old Jetfire back!! Should have it in the driveway next Sunday. The car is much worse than I thought. The garage roof had a 12" hole over the windshield. All the die cast trim needs to be replaced. Interior better than expected. All Jetfire parts under the hood in place. Engine turned over by hand. No keys or brakes!! I will attach a few photos.







1963 Jetfire

The windshield frame is installed & inner fender well repaired. I will keep you update on progress. Car starts and drives. Should get the winshield installed in the next few weeks.



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Not made too much progress but still finding parts. WTony patched the floor and welded the 4-speed hump in. Dad and I converted the car from auto and bolted the hump in 1982. WTony also installed a new rocker panel. Still more to go but we are closer. Back to working on the W30. I also found a photo of my dad guiding the 215 with the 4 speed trans attached.





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Been working on the 69 W30 project this summer. Just a little late was going to put the 63 Jetfire in the garage when Sandy came along. We are way better off than some but this is a real bummer. Dent in the roof at the windshield. Not sure how bad but bent the frame. I will post more tonight.




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OK! Sandy is gone!!!

My Insurance Co totaled the car. I was able to keep the car by buying it back. I was happy with the settlement from Hagerty and they were very nice to work with! WTony had some time so the car is in the body shop. The roof is repaired and stripped, and primed. I have a few photos to post more to come.





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If you still need parts for the Jetfire, try Jim Noel in MN. He is an OCA member and knows these cars inside out. He built a gorgeous '63 Jetfire station wagon back in the 80's. If he does not have the parts you need, he probably knows who does.

By the way, the project is looking real good! Spring is coming, time to jump on it!

Joe V in AZ

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Been working on a few projects but this is the current update.

Turbo down pipe.
Waldrons did a exhaust system for me. I was not happy with the flanges they made and I was able to get a correct flange from Jensen racing. Waldrons was able to install it on the pipe they made. Came out great and they are a pleasure to work with!!


Interior and rugs

Installed the rugs, console and interior. More to go but starting to shape up. My son has been under the dash trying to get the lights, wiper and electrical systems working. A few photos below of progress.



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