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Circuit breaker 1938 Hudson Terraplane.

Guest Nordmann

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Guest Nordmann


This is my first posting to this web site. I am looking for a circuit breaker for a 1938 81 series Hudson Terraplane.

I have attached some photos of the old broken one. 6 volt, positive earth. Part number 150 722. No number on unit. Only Auto-lite, made in U.S.A. on top of lid.

Hope someone can supply one or information where I can try to locate one or someone who can rewind the inner coil.

Cheers Ken.





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Guest Silverghost

What is it's function ?

Is this a voltage regulator or cut-out for the generator ?

If so... What make of generator and model number ?

A photo of the generator might help !

You should be able to easily find this as New Old Stock here in the USA !

Good Luck !

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This is the cutout (used on the cheaper Hudsons, as opposed to the voltage regulator used on the more expensive ones). You should be able to buy this across the pond, in the U.S. But first, are you a member of the Hudson-AMC Car Club of Australia? Hudson-AMC Club Home Page . Go to the "contacts" page, and send an e-mail to Les Pendlebury. He can probably give you some idea of who to contact in Australia, for this part. If all else fails, try placing a message at the on-line forum of the H-E-T club website in America. Hudson - Classic Car - ClassicCar.com . Someone can possibly give you the name and address of a Hudson vendor here, who can help you.

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Guest Nordmann

Thanks for the replies guys.

It is a "cutout" although the original part book uses the term "circuit breaker".Part number quoted is Hudson's 150 722.

The Autolite numbers in the service manual are GDF-4803A-1 for the generator(17-19amp) and CBA 4003 for the 'cutout'.

I assume GDF stands for generator dc and CBA for circuit breaker.

I did find a few on the internet, but none of them seem to have the 3rd. connection for the charge indicator light.

I am a member of HET club, USA. I know Les, and he has found many parts for me in the past. This seem a bit harder.

Regards Ken.

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