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Pollock Auto Showcase Pottstown Pa.

Guest Silverghost

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Guest Silverghost

Going down memory lane again.

There is a flood of memories since my 91 1/2 y/o Dad just passed-away .

Does anyone here have any memory of Bill Pollock and his Great old museum Colection "Pollock's Auto Showcase " in Pottstown Pa ?

Dad & I used to spend a great deal of time there in the 60s-70s !

Dad knew Mr Pollock & his restorers very well indeed !

Bill Pollock had one of the very great old early museum collections in the very early days of this old car hobby !

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Guest Silverghost

Did Bill Pollock not have a Duryea near the museum entrance ?

I believe Bill told Dad it was then considered the second oldest US built auto then known extant...

I seem to remember he & his chief restorer being very angry at a cut in the rubber wagon wheel tire rubber when it returned back to Pottstown after being on loan to the Smithsonian ???

Does anyone know the history of Mr Pollock's Duryea ?

Where is it today ?

I believe he also had an early Benz ?

Don't know if it was a recreation or authentic ?

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I think Bill was involved,as well, with the Boyertown(Pa) Museum which is still in business but the body works is history. The Duryea Brothers spent a lot of their early years in the area. The town hosts"Duryea Days" in September every year. The ticket to the car show gets you in the museum where I think there is a Duryea.

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