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Looking for correct engine color for 1923 Light Six

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I am getting ready to start painting the engine and accessories on my 1923 Light Six (aluminum head). I am trying to restore this to original condition and would like to use something close to original colors and sheen. I am told that the engine was painted a medium “machinery” gray and most of the accessories were a gloss black (using some of the old brochures and manuals it is easy to see what is black).

Questions: Does anyone have a Dupont number or other color match for the gray and what sheen was used? What was the sheen used on the radiator (especially interested on the exposed fins)? Was any of the aluminum painted (head, timing chain cover, accessory mount)? What about the brass carb and brass thermostat housing?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Here is the motor from my 1922 Special Six, and the color is correct from what I can find out. It is sort of a semi-gloss, but that could be from age, the starter and generator are gloss black. The other parts I don't remember. I'll check in a few days and see. Things are spread out in 3 places right now.. hope this helps, B



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