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So, I pissed off the radio...

Guest Double M

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Guest Double M

I pulled it out, aworking Kenwood deck, and found the anttenea disconnected and it needed an adapter to fit. Got that and it worked fine.

So I says to myself... "Self, now that you have a the radio out, put the cool JVC ipod controlling radio from your other car into it since it already has a rear input for an ipod"

I have to stop talking to myself.

So I procede to disconnect the kenwood plug and put the JVC plug on the same 12 wires that worked a few minutes ago and it's dead.

Okay, so I go hook the old one up and it's dead now too.

So I test them both out and they work fine in my Dodge.

I get a tester and test the leads, they have power.

So I look at the fuse panel and AHA! a Blown fuse!

I change the fuse and still nothing!

I always have power from the red wire.

I even bought a new plug harness to plug the GM connectors into and lots on nice connectors so it would be all good and still nothing from either deck.

Is there some other fuse or relay I could have blown or some secret Reatta-code I have to push 3 buttons at the same time and stand on one leg while facing east to get my radio to work again?!

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