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pictures needed of engine compartment on a 32 57S please?


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Just wondering if anyone has any pictures of the engine area on either side. JUst need to see areas like where the wiring runs on the passenger side,the fan/radiator area where the valve mounts for the flappers,wiring on the drivers side,wiring to the head lamps/park lamps,horn set up/wiring,carb linkage. All this stuff is things we didn't think of having the customer take pictures when they went to the meet in minesota a few years ago.

Thank you


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Let me check and see if I have some old photos in file or I can perhaps get some new ones by early next week.

Did you buy a complete wiring harness from one of the suppliers or make your own? Just briefly all the wires are along the sheet metal at the fenders and the wiring to the lights and horns are inside fender mounts and the stantions themselves, so there is little exposed for photos. But we will see what we can do.

I take it you are talking, when you mention "flappers" that you are talking about the Silphon unit to the front radiator louvers.

Carb linkage is yet another item as it will not show well in photos. If you do not have, you should get the small booklet or the Marvels for the '32 from Mac Blair.


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Ladd bought the wiring harness from harnesses unlimited. It came with numbers on the wire ends and notes to where they hook up with. Only problem I have found is the gas gage as it says left and right sides but the gage is top/bottom so I am guessing rigtht now at that.



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If you put your hand on the vertical web on inside of the framerail just forwrd of the steering gearbox, you will find some clips attached to the frame to support the harness. The harness then goes through a hole in the front crossmember.

Looking at photo #2, the wiring for the driverside horn, headlight and fender light come through the hole in the side rail at the front fender brace. the harness gets held in the clip seen on the fenderbrace.

Looking at photo #3, the harness passes through the hole at the bracket for the headlight stanchion. wires for the horn and headlight then go up through the stanchion. Wires for the fenderlight foolow in the groove on the top of the fender brace to the hole in the fender for the fender light.

Looking at photo #1, you can see on the crossmember, about 2 inches in from both side frame rails the head of 1/4 X20 slotted round head machine screws. These screws hold a clip on the underside of the crossmember for the wiring harness going to the passengerside horn, headlight and fender light. These wires then pass through the siderail frame and follow the same path to their distination as the driver side.

I hope this answers you questions on the front wiring harness.

Bob Engle

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I sold some parts to Ladd about 3 years ago ( hood latch releases as I recall). I have few pictures on file of the chassis and body.

To walk you through the shutter (flapper??)operation, The Thermostat in the top of the radiator works through the pivot mounted on the thermostat cover. There is a transfer bar with a flat spring retainer on the top that runs from the cover pivot through the hole in the radiator top to a bellcrank that is mounted ona pivot pin on top of the shutter frame. From the other arm on the bellcrank there is a transfer bar that runs to a long plate with a pivot hole for each shutter. This transfer bar has an additional pin where the return spring attaches. The other end of the return spring runs through the hole in the radiator and attaches to the pivot.

In operation, the spring pulls the shutters shut and then as the temperature get up to about 135 degrees the thermostat overcomes the spring tension and begins to open the shutters. The shutters should be full open at about 160 degrees. I attempted to show the parts in an exploded view on the bench.

Bob Engle

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