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hello? i am new to this site, but i am looking for some helpo on identifying some carburetors (carter, stromberg, chandler-groves, zenith, holley, johnson, Schebler). i have ALOT of very old ORIGINAL carburetors. I have an idea of what they go on but i am sure they fit other models. this place looked like one that could help or maybe have someone interested. i have plymouth, pontiac, desoto, NASH, packard, oldsmobile, buick form 30's to 50's

can anyone help?<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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I can help with the Carters as I have seven volumes of the factory spec sheets on Carter carburetors. No charge for telling you what you have in terms of Carters and I may be interested in some of them. Send me an email if you are interested in seeing what Carters you have.

Someone else will have to help with the other makes.

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