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hello? i am new to this site, but i am looking for some helpo on identifying some carburetors (carter, stromberg, chandler-groves, zenith, holley, johnson, Schebler). i have ALOT of very old ORIGINAL carburetors. I have an idea of what they go on but i am sure they fit other models. this place looked like one that could help or maybe have someone interested. i have plymouth, pontiac, desoto, nash, packard, oldsmobile, buick form 30's to 50's

can anyone help?

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Photos and throat diameters would help identification; otherwise it is impossible to even guess. Model numbers would help, , but often there are visible differences between the same model that were used on different makes. For instance, the choke valve body of a Stromberg O3 from a Lincoln V8 is different from Pierce Arrow model 80, Chrysler, Roamer-Duesenberg, or Stutz T-head. And so it goes. If you can do this a lot of people can help.

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