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Guest Bun-bun

Where did they put the fuel filter on my '88?

I have replaced almost all of the maintenance items on the car since I bought it a few months ago (Plugs,wires,air filter, oil, etc). The car has been running fine until yesterday. I went thru a drivethru and had the car idling for about ten minutes. As I was driving home, the motor died. I restarted it, but it died a few blocks later and wouldn't start. I checked and it was getting spark. After about an hour, it started right up, and drove normally.

I checked codes, and the only ECM code was an 013 (Open O2 sensor circuit[canister purge]).

Any thoughts on alternative causes of the problem are welcomed, but I'll be replacing the fuel filter anyway, so I need to know where the factory location is.

Is the factory service manual worth buying, or is there a better resource?


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Go under the car from the driver's side, right under the door, and you'll see a bundle of lines in little black clips. Those are the fuel lines/brake lines. Follow them towards the front of the car, and they'll start to climb upward. about mid way up, you should see a silver canister that will be the fuel filter.

(this is assuming that it's in the same location as an '89)

The FSM is a good thing to have. I would highly recommend it. OTOH, you can sign up and download an electronic version HERE

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