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Salvaged differential housing... need help ID'ing

Guest d3500ram

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Guest d3500ram

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Hello folks... I salvaged 2 items from the scrap yard. Someone was going to throw these away, but I figured I would try to find a rightful home for them as someone must think they are useful.

They seem to me to be very unique pieces that I would hope the enthusiasts and experts here may be able to at least help me at least identify the year and model. One is a chassis the other a differential. I am just going to list the photos with self identifying numbers. PLEASE ask me questions of which I can provide you more information if needed. If you need specific close- up photos, dimensions, etc... please request where needed as I would like to help you help me.

My goal is to find homes for these items as I think they may be worth something to some one; I cringed at the fact that some one was going to throw them away. At the very least they could become some "lawn art" for an awesome antique store (or they may be worthless???)

Below is the axle... chassis in another thread located here: http://forums.aaca.org/f169/salvaged-differential-chassis-need-help-iding-290279.html




















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Guest Silverghost

This is a very tough to ID indeed.

The other problem is the rear-end gears are missing.

About the only useful items here are the two brake assemblys ; if you knew what they were from ?

Good Luck :

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It looks a lot like Buick. What size is the wheel measured to the outside, and how wide is it from the center to the center of the spokes. Also can you give me a brake drum diameter. Also, if you could give me an out side measurement of where the hub cap would fit, and threads per inch on the hub. Dandy Dave!

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Guest d3500ram

UPDATE: I have not been very active and have received a smattering of interests in this, but the items have been picked up by an antique car gear-head who intends to put them to proper use. It took a while to finds the right home, but at least they did not wind up in the scrap pile.

I appreciate everyone's input in helping me ID the parts in order to advertise. In the short time here, I did get a chance to wander the forums and photos. Y'all have a neat group here and I wish I had the time to get back to car tinkering again. My hobby interests right now do not include cars anymore.

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