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What would your Family Car Show look like?

Guest EMF-Owner

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Guest EMF-Owner

A couple of weekends ago, my dad, uncle and I took some cars to a local car show. We wanted to bring some older cars because we knew that most of the cars would be newer cars. We ended up bringing 6 cars. While we sat there, we got to thinking about what it would be like if we just had a "Daly Family car show". This would be a car show of just cars owned my me, my dad, my brothers, my uncles and my cousins. This list does not include any cars we could build up from parts in the basement. Just cars that are or could be restored. I also did not put any of our newer daily driver cars unless they are antiques 25 years old or older.

I thought it would be fun to see that other "Family Cars Shows" would look like. Please share yours!

Here is the Daly Family Car show:

1909 Dart High-wheeler - My cousin

1909 Sears Motorbuggy - My Dad

1912 E-M-F Demi Tonneau - Me

1912 Rauch & Lang Brougham - Me

1915 Ford Model T Touring - My Uncle

1917 Ford Model T Touring - My Dad

1920 Ford Model T "Centerdoor" Sedan - Me

1922 Ford Model T Touring - My Dad

1924 Ford Model T Coupe - My Uncle

1924 Ford Model T Touring - My Dad

1929 Ford Model A Tudor - My Uncle

1930 Ford Model A Tudor - My Dad

1930 Ford Model A Cabriolet - My cousin

1931 DeSoto Model SA Four-Door Sedan - Me

1931 Ford Model A Slant Windshield Fore-Door Sedan - My Dad

1931 Ford Model A Wide Bed Pickup - My Dad

1931 Ford Model AA 1.5 ton stake-bed truck - My Dad

1936 Chevrolet 2-door sedan - My Dad

1947 Crosley Straight-side Pickup - My Brother # 2

1947 Crosley Station wagon - My Dad

1947 Crosley Round-side Pickup - My Dad

1949 Willys-Overland Jeepster - My Dad

1950 Crosley Station Wagon - My Dad

1965 Ford Mustang - My Uncle

1968 MG - My Brother # 2

1969 Dodge Charger - My Brother # 2

1971 MG - My Brother # 2

1971 Dodge Challenger - My Brother # 2

1972 Pontiac Trans-AM - My Brother # 1

1972 Ford F-250 Pickup

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Fascinating, John! My family show would be a lot smaller:

1906 Buick Model F 2-cylinder touring (me)

1907 Cadillac Model K one-cylinder runabout (me)

1909 E-M-F Model 30 4-cylinder touring (my son)

1911 Stanley Model 63 steam toy tonneau (me)

1912 Ford Model T commercial roadster (my son)

1912 Buick Model 35 4-cylinder touring (me)

1913 Ford Model T runabout (me)

I have been toying with the idea of running a tour, possibly a week in length, for very primitive cars. The HCCA and VMCCA 1-and 2-cylinder tours are becoming dominated by big twins, mostly Buicks and Reos with the occasional Rambler, Durocar or Northern. The really slow cars don't come out. My thoughts are starting to jell into a "Singles, Solids and Sticks" tour: any car with one or more of a single cylinder engine, solid tires or tiller steering would be eligible. There would be some hills (they had hills back in the day, too), but each day's run would be short enough that even the creepy-crawlers would be back in a reasonable time. All back roads, of course. Maybe some dirt. I see you have a couple of highwheelers. Would you consider participating in such a tour, if everyone else had something of comparably limited performance?

Gil Fitzhugh (the elder), Morristown, NJ

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Guest EMF-Owner

Guess I should have said "Running or Not running". Certainly not all of the cars on my list are runnable at the present time. But all are mostly complete cars which are restoreable or restored/drivable.

Come on, lets us see your car family car show.

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1932 Packard 900 Conv (me)

1933 Packard Conv (me)

1933 Packard Sedan (me)

1928 Packard Sedan (bro)

1955 Jag Drophead (me)

1948 Buick Woody (me)

1949 Triumph Roadster (bro)

1940 Packard 120 Coupe (step dad)

1941 Packard 110 Coupe (mom)

1930 Model A Two Door Sdn (me)

1940 Packard 110 Coupe (uncle)

1974 Ford 3/4 Ton Pick-em-up (son)

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Guest Skyking


1962 Buick convertible

1954 Metropolitan convertible

1957 Metropolitan

1960 Metropolitan


1956 Metropolitan convertible

1970 Nova

1970 Nova

1969 Camaro

Oldest Bro

1957 Chevy H.T.

1957 Dodge Coronet H.T.

1923 T (Street-rod)

1932 Highboy

1968 Corvette

1972 Challenger

1965 Valiant Convertible

Younger bro

1930 Model A (Street-rod)

Nephew 1

1954 Corvette

1960 Corvette

1963 Corvette split/window

1960 Cadillac convertible

1966 Impala convertible

1961 Impala H.T.

1961 Impala H.T. (his father bought new)

Nephew 2

1968 Roadrunner

1970 Roadrunner

1970 Super Bee

Nephew 3

1957 Ford Hardtop

Nephew 4

1967 Nova

1968 Chevelle

I might have missed a few..........:eek:

There's been times when a Sunday visit looked like a car show.

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1975 Dodge Dart Swinger

1978 Chevy C-10 SWB truck

1974 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

1961 Caddilac Series 62 convertible

1934 Chevy MAster four door - seen in Antique Automobile this month behind the Laundalet - Thank You West!!!!

1929 Marmon series 78 Rumble Seat Roadster

1927 Marmon Model L Sedan, Sport Coupe and Collapsible Coupe

1927 Marmon E - 75 factory prototype speedster (w/1926 fenders per factory)

1931 Marmon sixteen five passenger sedan

1911 Hudson Model 33

1909 Chase Pickup (High Wheeler)

1904 Cadillac Model B rear entry Tonnneau

and 40 plus bikes between the brothers from 1918 to 1984 -Harley and Monarch and BSA and Velo Vap and Honda And Vespa and Flottwegg

and the 1949 KEller Woodie wagon - one of 18 made - one of three known

and well now I just feel like I'm bragging

1959 Morris Minor Pickup,

1975 Midget w/ hardtop

1933 John Deere Tractor w/wagon

1949 American LaFrance Firetruck

1923 NeraCar

1949 Whizzer

Three past Grand National winners and multiple seniors, HPOFS and Driver Participation Vehicles

And we can tell a story that leave you laughing about every one!!!!!

Oh and the Miniature Model 34 Marmon (1921) handmade for the New York Auto show W/ engine.

The Stanley Weinlauss Bronze of the Marmon Wasp and Mom and Dad's stunning collection of eight National Awards

People wonder why I giggle when I walk in the garage!!!

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Guest Buick1908

This is a very interseting thread. Very nice topic.

Here is my families cars (mostly mine) but a few my brother and I both went in on together and one of my uncles.

1928 Dodge Victory 6 4 Door Sedan (mine)

1936 Plymouth 4 Door Sedan (uncles)

1948 Plymouth Deluxe Coupe (mine and brothers)

1958 Ford Custom 300 4 Door Sedan (mine)

1959 Edsel Ranger 4 Door Sedan (mine and brothers)

1964 Ford F-100 stepside (mine)

1965 Ford F250 (mine)

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Present collection:

30 A pickup

31 A std roadster

31A std slant window 4dr

Previous collection

39 Chevy pickup

47 Ford pickup

40 Plymouth 4dr

49 Salsbury scooter

62 Ford Galaxie 500 2dr hdtp

63 Chevy Impala 4dr

64 Chrysler 300 (no letter) 2dr hdtp

A doodlebug tractor

A Smith-Gordon compressor

Relatives' previous

50 Chevy coupe (uncle)

59 Ford 4dr (uncle)

52 Ford pickup(brother)

64 Ford pickup (brother)

68 ambassador 4dr (brother)

3 64 Plymouth spts Fury drag cars + a few street drivers (late cousin)

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Guest EMF-Owner

These car shows would be better than most of the car shows I attend. Most of the car shows these days are closer to used car lots for me. Nothing really all that interesting to me.

Lets see some more Family car shows!

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We had our own EGO trip car show a few years ago. The Jefferson meet was featuring Mopars. So I rented a tent and my son brought his 1970 Cuda Conv.

my son-in-law his 1970 Challenger RT conv. a friend brought his 1970 Hemi Challenger and I brought my four 1970 Challenger RT conv. all numbers matching and restored, fun but a job shuttling.

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Guest 38cadillacjack

my wifes and mine. 35 pontiac 6,38 lasalle,37 master deluxe,56 lincoln premiere,71 suburban all run and drive.

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Ours would also be small

1940 Buick Coupe

1973 Riviera Boat tail

1965 Corvette convertible

1962 AC Bristol coupe

1940 BMW 327 Cabrolet

2011 Corvette Grand Sport

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