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One Buick Motorama car ain`t enough


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I located and purchased the 1955 Buick series 68 ( production models were 63)

concept car. I got a new friend in the deal---thanks, Tim.

It was used as a driver until 1973 and been and has been in storage since.

I`ll pick it up in Hershey next week.

In the video, it is the next to the last car.


I`ll post current pictures later.


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Hey Bob, maybe you can hold your own Buick Motorama someday....

Nice purchase!

Yea no kidding!

Nice car to a Great Buick Man...at-least we know this one won't be left tucked away in a garage collecting dust.

You just had to show us that buying a 54 was not a trend right...? :P

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There is a book on the GM Motorama cars. It has MANY pictures of all of the Motorama cars from start to finish . . . even the original photos of the Landau and its "rear seat bar kit". Many of the pictures are in black & white.

For clearer videos, you might search through YouTUBE. There's LOTS of car videos in there, many of factory items posted there, plus the old "Car & Track" Bud Lindamood road test shows.

I found the same vid on YouTUBE via Google. Plus also on StreetFire.net. The YouTube vid was cleaner and clearer, but not terribly high-defiinition (that option was not on the screen). Once you get there, you might plan on staying a while and looking at the other car vids and commercials posted and linked there.



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