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List of 1900-10 parts F/S at my Hershey space CN 11

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OK Guys: The truck is loaded. Here is a list of things that will be at my space CN 11 Tues-Thurs. ONLY,then back to Fla. My cell # will be written at the booth if I am not there,walking around.All parts will be priced. If seriously interested call my cell and I'll meet you back at the space. 352 843 1624. Thanks,George Albright Email: gnalbright@gmail.com. I can check email on my phone. Super rare 1900-04 De Dion Bouton brass carb for 6 or 8 HP engine. Set of four 30 x 3 Midgley wheels and tires,off of a 1905 Cadillac. Correct for any 1900-05 car. Set of four 28 x 3 wire wheels for any 1900-04 car. Similar to Curved Dash Olds wheels.1900-04 Curved Dash Olds clone engine,one cylinder horizontal.1902-10 somewhat larger front axle. Possibly Weston Mott.Circa 1910 brass radiator,nice. Make unknown. For smaller car.1898-1904 Dual chain drive rear axle with springs and wheels. Very unusual! 1897-1904 GEAR driven rear axle. Similar to Stanley,Woods,etc. Probably from a steam or electric car. Also VERY unusual!1909-13 Brush wood front axle with all metal parts and both hubs.Set of four 1897-1904 wire wheels. 2 rims are 30x2 and 2 rims are 32x2.Planetary transmission for 1902-08 car.Rare Upton shaft drive 2 speed planetary transmission.1900-04 French radiator for 2 or 4 cylinder car,hangs under front of car frame like De Dion Bouton. Finally 1904 De Dion Bouton 6 HP single cylinder engine. Superb!See you there. Pray for sunshine! George Albright

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