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Classic car rental

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you can find multiple threads on this with most details. Basics:

get more specific about what kind of car you are looking for. The description you used is a topic in itself.

hiring out the car voids almost all personal antique car insurance.

a friendly person who will do it (and a gift of appreciation is OK) may be the way to go, in my opinion and experience.

Congrats on the big day.

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Check your local car museum; they sometime rent out cars for wedding & other events. The Packard Museum here in Dayton, OH rents a 1931 Packard town car for $275 the first hour and $100 each additional hour. The clock starts when the car leaves their garage.

I was getting several requests a year. Checked out my insurance and was told the cost would be about $1,000 yearly. My antique coverage is about $106 yearly. Too much cost as the Insurance Co would make more money than me. Today, I politely suggest they use the museum.

Bkazmer's suggestion should be your best bet. Plan on a gift and do it in cash. If there is a car show or cruse-in this weekend, go and talke with them this weekend.

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