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'65 Riviera Rocker Trim


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I've noticed on pictures of other peoples '65's there appears to be a ribbed looking trim piece which mounts below the lower body trim. It looks like there are matching pieces which mount on the bottom of the door, the rocker panels, the front of the rear quarter and the rear of the front fender.

My '65 does not have this trim or any remnants (mounting holes) that it ever existed. Was this an option or did all '65's come with it? Does anyone reproduce it or do I need to find used pieces.



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Ray Knott, founder, director, and editor of the Riviera Owners Assn. wrote an article about the '65 in the on going series "Evolution of the Riviera."

Here's a sentence that I've pasted and copied that should explain it to you.

"A ribbed rocker panel with a motif similar to the headlight covers was standard with the optional interiors or it could be ordered separately for only $26.88."

ROA membership - priceless.


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I found three, but this is the best one I have. See if this is what you want.

I've photoshopped them onto my '64 (which is white) but all the ones I keep seeing on the web and in person are always a dark colour so I wanted to see how it turned out in real life.



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