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Saw this cool truck...


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the rest of it doesn,t look to original , granted the body looks untouched , but wrong wheels ,also looks to have been lowerd, front bumper removed , exterior rear view mirror is not original , and they didn,t come out with that style running board plus i dont think they had metallic paint on them , maybe on cars , but not on commercials.what was the interior finished in


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I would say it looks to have survived quite well for a 50 plus year old driver.

I would say it has too. It's a 1954 Town Panel. You can tell by the 1 piece windshield ( first year). It's the first year for the Functional Design Era ( 1954-1956 ) and left the factory with a flat 6 engine. You can tell that from the round ram emblem on the front of the hood. A V-8 was offered for the first time this year but would have had a V8 emblem in place of the round emblem. Those running boards are original to the truck.


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Reg...What's that you're leaning on in your avatar photo? I looked to see if you had posted a larger view on your personal page, but couldn't find one. Is that a Dodge?

Looks a lot like a 1933 Plymouth to me.

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Hi Reg,

I adjusted and lubed all five door mechanisms and they all open and close better than new now. I also replaced all of the window runner felts on all five doors. So all of the windows roll up and down as new. Put up that piece of headliner, then took the dash apart and got all of the gauges and indicator lights working.

I am kind of having a financial crisis right now. You may see it on Ebay soon, unless somebody on here may be interested.

Dont mean to Hijack this thread, but I have this COOL WAGON !!




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