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Windshield assemblies Model T? and 1926 Mopar? Hershey delivery

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I have a couple windshield assemblies I have saved over the years and would like to move them on to a needy collector. The first is all metal and I was told fits a Model T about 1920 vintage. The other is all wood except the brackets and was marked 1916 touring car. It came from a Mopar collector so I think it may be along those lines but not sure. The glass is broke on the corner of the wood one. Either one would be great on a survivor type car as they both have just enough patina but no bad decay. Not really sure what they are worth. I would like to see someone put them back to use. I guess just make an offer. I'm headed to Hershey with a nearly empty truck so I could slip these in the back carefully wrapped and you could pick them up there. They may be shippable but with the plate glass that's in them I imagine it would be hard to get it to you intact.









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I measeured up the windshields. The wood one measures 37 and 3/4 wide by approximately 29 inches high when it's unfolded straight. The metal one measure 36 and 1/2 inches wide (the frame) by 19 high. The posts are approximately 38 inches center to center. Hope this helps. If anyone knows the correct application of these let me know so I can get them in the hands of someone that can use them.

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