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Splitdorf mag question


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On my 1913 Stude I have a Splitdorf mag model 1011 with a problem. The housing on the end of the shaft with the points in it has a broken ear or lug on the side. It is half round with a hole thru and broke off the main housing. Now the only thing properly placing and holding it in place is the matching notch in the cover. This ear mounts the stationary point in the ignition point set, has a screw thru it to the outside and the wires from the point to the ground (I think) on the coil and the back of the mag connect to it.

Is this housing unique to this mag or a "common" Splitdorf part? I need to know what to look for at Hershey next week. I could probably use a good epoxy to glue it but if I can find the part I will replace it. Any help here would be appreciated as I know little about mags.

Thanks for the info-

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