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Krylon Dull Aluminum Spray Paint?


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Krylon seems to have overhauled their paint line (and the marketing thereof...) I haven't been able to find their Dull Aluminum anywhere, and I think it's been missing for awhile now. Has anybody seen it recently? (Particularly in the Washington DC area?:confused:) I did a bit of research this morning and it still shows up (#1403) on page 52 of their 2010 catalog... I suppose I could find a local hardware store (regrettably, ours just closed after 25 years...) and buy a case, but I only need one can (although would buy 3 or 4 if I had to...)

Lest I continue to be unable to find it... has anyone used the Eastwood AlumaBlast, and how does it compare / look? It's a lot more expensive, but I'm sure I'll be able to get it at Hershey...


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Try WalMart. They seem to stock a good selection of Krylon's spray paints, at least around my area. A year or two ago Krylon made a change in their numbering system, and their semi flat black suddenly disappeared from most shelves. Then it showed up again with the same number, 1613, but with a prefix number added, and the name changed to satin black. You might need to check through their stock and read the numbers on the bottom of the cans to see if something like that happened too.

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Best take ID. WalMart won't sell spray paints to those under 18.

Where's the big hee-haw laugh smiley when you need it! I don't think Doug has to worry about getting carded for spray paint!:P

Saturday night I was in line behind a 20-ish guy who got carded buying a beer. He grumbled about it. Told him to enjoy getting carded while he could, 'cause there'd come a day when they'd take one look at you and not ask for ID anymore!

'Course by then you often automatically get a senior discount, which I don't grumble about at all...

Back to topic- Krylon Dull Aluminum got hard to find here nearly ten years ago. DK what their strategy is with that. It's a doggone good match for most silver or aluminum color components on older cars.

Like everything else- find something that works and they discontinue it or outlaw it.

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