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1915 Metz Model 25


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I think the crank on the T has a male fitting on the end, and the Metz has a female. That is, the ratchet is attached to engine on the T and to the crank on the Metz. The protruding end of the crankshaft is 1-1/6" O.D. on both cars. You should be able to adapt a T starting crank to fit the metz, but you might have to fabricate the ratchet. If you want photos or dimensions, I can help you. Below is a T ratchet from Lang's web site.



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If the end of the crankshaft looks like the one in Mochetvelo's picture you can make a crank out of a straight rod or bar. Drill a hole near the end and drive in a roll pin. Bend the rod into a suitable crank. Add a piece of tubing on the outer end for a handle that can turn on the rod. I have such a crank in my garage, don't know what it came off of, I found it in the trunk of a DeSoto I bought.

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