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Guest Silverghost

Steve: I have often thought of the super collections, and museums I once visited with my parents as a child.

There were often many great collectors also who helped fuel my interest in old cars.

Sadly the generation today now does not remember these folks or their fine colletions that started the old car collecting, restoring, and show hobby in the first place !

Back in the 1950s most thought these folks to be eccentric "Nuts" !.


However if it had not been but for a far-sighted few who saw our automotive history being scrapped & lost we would not have the hobby we have today!

If much more time goes past the memory of these fine pioneer collectors, and their fine collections will be lost to memory also.

They will only exist in old dusty AACA membership records.

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Guest Bookreader

Here is a wonderful "Hall of Fame" available to have in your home.


A Shared Legacy: AACA’s 75<SUP>th</SUP> Anniversary by Gerry Durnell, The Automobile Quarterly Staff and Associates

This is so much more than a book. It is a collection of history and artifacts relating to the growth of people's interest in the automobile. This interest evolves into the enjoyment of the mechanical vehicles and the thought to preserve them. This concept was the process which began the formation of a club dedicated to the vehicles of the early years. The organization named itself the ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF AMERICA. From that organization, now 75 years in existence, many clubs have formed; all with the idea of preservation and enjoyment of motorized vehicles.

A Shared Legacy is a tribute to that concept. Within its pages of the chronological movement and growth of the antique vehicle hobby are pockets that hold copies of original pieces of this history. You can hold in your hand photos, registration cards, wartime ration cards for gas, menus, programs and a selection of such variety of the years that pertain to the automobile. These items are attached to the pages throughout the book to accent the content of the chapter. Pages have correct historical readable information with wonderful photos enhancing this information.

For anyone who has enjoyed a car in his youth, who has selected anything connected to antique vehicles as a hobby or just desires to extend their knowledge of how this idea of collecting vehicles has become so fascinating or to those who just enjoy coming to see antique cars; this book of written and visual memorabilia is a must have.

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Brad, no Hall of Fame but I like the idea. Our Hall of Fame would be extensive as just looking at a list of past National Award Winners is like a who's who in the hobby. You may have hit on an idea that we could expand upon. Thanks.

I think it's a good idea so long as it isn't limited to only national officers or guys who have deep pockets. Without sounding negative, if it were to become a status thing based on title or money, it could be counterproductive to AACA.

Not a complaint, but something to think about.

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hello everyone ive often thought about the early guys who where able to see ahead enought to save alot of these cars,there was such a gentlemen in riverside calif,his name was Doc Schaffer, he was a dentist as i remember,i believe he had alot to do with the aaca in calif actually getting started,i remember meeting him in 62 or 63 i was 12 or 13 at the time,i was at the swapmeet with my dad and had an old harley davidsin motor,he gave me 5 dollars for the motor but i had to carry it to his car,he was probably 80 years old then just meeting and talking to him meant more to me than the 5 dollars,real colorful character,i believe he loved the early brass highend cars,in later years ive never heard mention of him

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