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Reatta parts vendors please read...


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I have been asked by a couple of people that sell Reatta parts if I would consider adding an online store to ReattaOwner.com where Reatta parts could be purchased directly from the website. It would be like a consignment store. It would be an automated system where the buyer would add the item he wants to purchase to a shopping cart and purchase it immediately through the online store. The seller would not need to be contacted.

Here is how it would work:

  • Reatta parts sellers would send me photos, prices and shipping costs for the items they want to sell and I would add them to the online store.
  • If an item sells I would collect payment from the buyer and send it to the seller (minus a very small fee for me handling the transaction). The seller could receive his payment via PayPal or check.
  • The seller would then ship the item to the buyer.

It would require several parts vendors taking part in the online store to make it worth while. If you have Reatta parts for sale and would be interested in offering your parts for sale in an online store at ReattaOwner.com please let me know.

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