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Trade Stoddard Dayton Parts for Pair of C.M. Hall 144 Side Lights

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Trade or trade plus cash the following 1909 -1910 Stoddard Dayton parts. One 1909 - 1910 front axel (non spindles) , two front 27 inch Stoddard Dayton rims with hubs & wood (Goodrich non demountable, missing lock rings), front half of a 1909 Stoddard Dayton frame (9F) for a pair of C.M. Hall Model 144 or 144E side lights. Also have a nice pair of C.M. Hall Model 143 side lights that I might consider as part of the trade. I also have a few 1909 45HP Stoddard Dayton engine parts such rocker arms valve cages etc. that I will consider trading for the C.M. Hall 144 side lights.

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