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Stored 'vert - can tops "shrink"?


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Was considering a local 90 'vert that a guy wanted to sell. He says the car was

stored 5-6 years and the top wasnt stored properly so it had shrank?:confused:

I am not dissing the guy, just wanted some input from you 'vert guys - He said the 1 bow will fit into the augers but the 5 bow is a couple inches short of the receptacles.

I am wondering if the top is just out of adjustment and can be made to work properly - other than this its a useable top. I really dont want to spend 1.5K to get a replacement so that would be the deal killer for me.

Thanks, and see I still post here! :P

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Tops do shrink, cheap replacements (often have vinyl rear windows) shrink more. (A) There is an adjustment at the 4th bow that can provide some slack. (B) Vinyl will expand some if can sit out on a hot day. If the problem is rear pins that pop out when you latch the front then both A and B may help.

OTOH "5 bow is a couple inches short of the receptacles. " is A LOT.

BTW I always latch the rear first and then the front and reverse when lowering.

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Apparently the pins wont even go in if the front is latched, Id take a look at it and then come back here and report. He cant show it for a while due to business.

Not sure why storing the car would cause shrinkage. He says top is the original it has glass rear window. Probably wouldnt take much fixing up but a bad top is probably as bad as a cracked windshield... as in expensive!

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Probably stored for years with the top down, that'l doer.

First I'd open the tonneau and lubricate the top holding mechanism, it must grip as tightly as possible.

Start by losening the 4th bow as far as it can go (two torx screws on each side).

Next connect the rear first (don't forget the yellow handle). Make sure both sides are locked down.

Then in bright sun or in a hot (over 90F) garage, slowly try to close the front (this may take several days and may need to weight the front bow a bit but allow time to stretch, push too hard too fast and the rear pins will pop - key here is patience and to heat/stretch the top while keeping it in tension - may be a day before the screw even touches the socket but it should stretch.

Personally, if everything else looks good I would not let that stop me, could even drive home with the 5th bow unhooked, just a negotiating point particularly if a glass window and not delaminated.

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