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motor swap

Guest mjames

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i have a 52 Windsor deluxe with the spitfire 6 and fluid matic trans,i have an opportunity to get a 56 Plymouth 270 with a Powerflight trans, would that be a direct bolt in, or is there major fabricating needed for the swap? Also when i removed the front seat there was a wire that ran along the floor from the driver side pillar to inside the seat bottom back of the seat frame, any idea what this might be?

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It won't bolt in but you might have a chance to force it to fit. In 52 Chrysler made V8 models and I bet they used the same frame as your car. Therefore it shouldn't hit anything like steering or firewall.

I can't imagine why anyone would do this. I can imagine someone thinking about it, after a few snifters. Hay! I got a old car and I got a free V8, why not put the V8 in the old car?

Believe me, if you try it you will find 100 reasons why not before you are through. And when you get done the butcher job you will still have a 50 year old motor and transmission.

It would be a lot easier to rebuild the flathead 6. Or if you are pining for a V8 car, sell it and buy a V8 car.

In other words it would be possible, technically, if you had enough money time tools talent and ambition. But it wouldn't be worth the trouble.

No idea what the wire could be. They didn't have power seats that year. The only other thing that comes to mind, is an underseat heater but they didn't have those either I don't think.

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Well thanks guys, those were easy. The back seat lighter makes perfect sense, its been so long since i had seen one i forgot all about that. Thanks for your input Rusty about the engine,we are on the same page with that one. I guess i just wanted to know if it was something that could easily be done i might try it, but i am very happy with the flat head 6. Now if i can just find the parts to rebuild it.

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Your local NAPA store or auto machine shop should be able to get the parts. They are not that rare, the same engine was used by the millions from 1938 to 1972 in cars, trucks, buses, motor boats, farm machinery, and as stationary engines.

I got a NOS set of pistons on Ebay for $10 apiece. The vendor, Redbuffalogal, had several more sets. This was about 2 years ago.

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Guest billmeyer

I bought all the internal parts for my Dodge 6 from Andy Bernbaum @www.oldmoparts.com

They will have just about everything you need. I had our engine rebored .060 oversize and Andy had the pistons for it, along with bearings, rings, etc.

Bill Meyer

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