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solid restoration ready projects

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no interest,input...?

No, no interest. You posted one day ago, then followed up 1 hour after your first post by saying no interest??? Are you saying you expected to sell all the cars in one hour?

AACA members and frequent visitors such as myself have gotten 'numb' to all the posters such as yourself that only join the forum to sell cars and expect to put minimum content on their posts and the cars are supposed to sell just like that.

At least you included prices.

I always think what if the role was reversed? Would you spend $35,000 on a car, even if it was a 59 Chev Impala convertible with out a great presentation to begin with?

Most posters respond "email for more information" but the idea is - if the seller only posts minimal information to begin with, how much can the interested party expect to receive in an email inquiry?"

We live in a world of one line Craigs List ads and AACA ads such as this.

The audience here is diverse but most of what you have is not going to get a lot of foot traffic (so to speak) from your minimal post.

Your prices might be fair, I can't say, but we are an old car community and when someone just gets on to sell a car - quickly - then there is a lot less interest.

Will you join in discussions and check out other posts if your cars sell? 99.9% sure we will never hear from you again.

Plus, think of the old days - Hemmings Motor News, newspaper ads, etc. A person was lucky to get a reply within a week. or a Month and here you are wanting instant gratification. It's the times we live in.

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if you had been paying the attn you claim then you know there was a day and a few views before 2nd post .My keyboard is broke(using on screen)so this is 10min so far,not retired so 2 or 3hrs posting time is hard.Thanks after 3 days ,only thing any has said is your warm & presuming greeting.Is there any friendly folks on this site?:rolleyes:

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Sorry you had no replies, but times are different than a couple of years ago. Antique car prices are down 50% or more, and there are few buyers. It is not a good time to try to sell a car, a house or anything else now. However, suggest the following:

a) Put the price of each car in the ad - you did this, which is good.

B) List your location in the ad, as this is very important (City and State helps). Some list their phone number and/or email address to receive more replies.

c) Pictures are most important and while not always easy for many to do, can be done - You may want to ask a friend who is familiar with doing so to help you and you will need digital pictures of the correct size. Pictures should show all sides of the car, engine compartment, interior, trunk area and chrome at a minimum. Without pictures, doubt if you will get replies. In today's market, even posts with pictures and accurate description often receive no replies. Look at other for sale ads to get some ideas.

d) When selling a car, a very detailed description is absolutely necessary, and might create some interest. At minimum you should list the overall condition of each car, features, known history if available, whether cars have clear titles, how stored, do they run and if not, how long since they ran, condition of chrome, body, tires, engine, paint and interior and anything else that you can think of. I always suggest to sellers on eBay and auto forums to "write a book". The more you describe, the better will be the results.

e) If you do not receive any replies, always wait at least a week or two before posting again, or what they call "btt" (bring to top). Doing this too soon is not recommended and when you do post again, be sure to give more information than at present (see above suggestions). Some post a reduced price.

BJM's post was right on target and his advice was quite accurate, and to me seemed very polite. Perhaps you expected too much too soon? All of our detailed suggestions are simply offered to give you an idea of how to post if you want to sell a car or cars. But please keep in mind that even if you do everything right, it is not easy to sell in today's market. Buyers are few and far between.

Of course following our advice requires that you find a new keyboard for your computer, or have a friend post the information for you. As your post was originally written, doubt if you will receive any interest. Sorry our forum didn't work out for you, but contrary to your observations there are many, many friendly foks on this site. Maybe not necessarily buyers, but certainly friendly. Good luck,


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Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. As you have already learned, selling a car in today's market is not really as much fun as it used to be.

You really should get your computer fixed or borrow one to post your cars for sale here. You then need to read the Buy/Sell Forum rules, which I have copied for you here:

"Buy/Sell Forums

IMPORTANT: Put either FS for "For Sale" or WTB for "Want to Buy" in the subject line along with the year, make and model.

EXAMPLE: FS - 1950 Plymouth Business Coupe

Please include the following information in the body of your post:






Location (City, State, Country)

Contact Information (Name, Email and Phone)

EBAY URL if also listed on EBAY

Incomplete, overly commercial, or non-automotive related postings will be deleted without notice!"

Then, you should post each of your cars for sale in a separate thread with the appropriate Thread Subject line, i.e. "FS - 1959 Chevrolet Convertible" for the first ad. I would make sure you don't put a "frown" character in the first line of your ad.

I did not even look at your ad at first because the Subject line did not conform to the Forum Rules, and was not very enticing. I think that Jake and Fred were both trying to be helpful. I saw that there were a few replies so I thought I might take a look even though I am not in search of "restoration ready projects".

You will have more potential for selling your projects here if you post them following the rules. That will at least get someone who wants a car like yours to see the type of car in the thread subject line and generate enough interest to take a look. It is also imporant to be able to readily respond to interested parties by phone or email, and photos really are important to the potential buyer. Many buyers won't bother to ask for photos feeling that if you did not take the time to post photos then the car's condition must really be rough. When we see no photos, we generally assume the worst.

I have been trying to sell a nice "driver" of a 1976 Ford Country Squire, for a very decent price for longer than I care to remember and while I got lots of potential buyers from Craigslist, nobody seems to be able to come up with the money. Selling right now can be discouraging.

Please get your computer issues fixed, post your ads here and probably on Craigslist as well. Good luck.

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inquire for details & pics:(; 59 Impala conv. 348 6pack orig. 35.000.00, 58 cad limo minus only eng. 5000.00, 62 t-bird rebuilt 390,300hp 3500.00, 63 chry. new port,1200.00 , 69 el camino SS396 4spd w/lots xtras 5500.00, all solid ca. cars i've owned for many years

Where are you located?

I am interested in the 1969 El Camino.

Marty 773-490-9747

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