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1923 Light Six Tourer


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Wondering if anyone can help me with what the face of a '23 fuel gauge looked like? I have the gauge but with rusty face.

Can you buy the decal in centres for Budd wire wheels? Studebaker radiator caps? or the wagon wheel decal on the radiator shroud?

Does anyone have a light/ignition switch (photo's show one in a museum and the old one I have with broken levers) or rear door catchs for a '23

The second last photo is what it looked like all those years ago, unfortunately before my time. Although it has been in the family since new.

They even won a reliability trial (last photo)







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Let me know if Mike wasn't able to help you out or if you need any other info off a Light Six (mine is in the middle of a full restoration). My 1923 gauge is a bit rough but has enough detail to get what you are looking for. I can send a photo if needed.



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This is my unrestored gauge - removed from housing. The gauge face was originally a satin sheen black with white lettering, similar to the gauges on the dash.



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Guest GoldenAge

Hi Guys,

We just purchased a 1923 EM Light Six that we will be frame off restoring. It has the same old probelms as everyone else. We need an ignition switch or at least the levers. The levers expanded and cracked the housing pretty badly. We are also missing the fuel gauge all together. The last part that we need is the last top bow or the details to reproduce it.

Any help or pointers would be great!


Paul Dougherty



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I am still working on a project to reproduce the switch handles for the 1922-24 cars part#105715. From the parts book it looks like these were used on Most 1922,All 1923/24 cars.I am old and slow so please have patience.

I have had many requests for contact info regarding these switch handles.

A few were made for a car under restoration and the extras were sold.

Contact me under studebaker@mac.com for number needed , to make this economically possible.

Robert Kapteyn

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I know this is an old thread, but I did make some reproduction gauge faces for the Nagel gas gauges after scanning an original.  These are on self-adhesive aluminum (thin, like heavy foil).  I made some with black face and white letters and some with black letters on shiny metal.  The ones with black face and white letters include the Nagel logo, as original.  These are $20 each.  Let me know if you are interested. 



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And I just had mine restored...they had to make the screen print you have shown in the middle.

I think I have some parts to make a spare, if so I'll send you an email and buy one.


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