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Buick Reatta Headlight Motors

Guest Kitskaboodle

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Guest Kitskaboodle

I'm just putting in a little plug for some Reatta headlight motors I am currently selling on Ebay. (not here)

The item number is 370435222300

This is the 1st time I have ever listed anything for sale on this board so I'm not sure it's ok or not to list an item for sale in this way.

Anyways, Reatta headlight motors are not terriby easy to come by so I didnt want ya'all to pass up this opportunity to bid on a nicely refurbished set. :)

You can rest assured that these have been cleaned up, new Delrin drive pins and transmission cover gaskets have been installed, new grease has been added and end play has been adjusted as well.

Also included is the original bell cranks and all 6 mounting bolts.

In addition, there is no core charge to deal with. :)

Even if your headlight motors are good it would be a great idea to keep a spare set.

Happy Bidding!

Thanks, Kit

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