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57 Buick Starter Problems


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You did pretty much all you could Jim short of baking it in an oven and running some continuity tests. It sounds like it develops an open when it heats up probably from expansion. If it's a field coil, that's difficult for the home mechanic to change anyway. Off to the professional it is then.

Let us know the outcome...............Bob

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Thanks for all your support. Time to take it to the Starter Doctor. You have really been a huge help in this endeavor. I definetly will keep you posted on the results. Thanks again Bob...

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Update on the sick starter..not so sick now! Decided to make my own negative battery cable with parts and correct gauge wire (all from Rhode Island Wiring - very correct cloth covered cable and lugs)..the NOS one that I had was a little short for the correct mounting, so I tried one more time before I took the darn starter off to send to the starter Doc. Replaced the cable with my new one mounted to the engine mount, and bang...started right up like a new car. Decided that it needed a run / heat cycle to see if it still had the intermittent problem like before and took the car for a hour ride. Parked it back in the driveway, turned it off, waited a couple minutes..and SHAZAMMM! Started right up again like a new car! Well, at least the starter was cleaned, rebuilt to a point and that in itself was good.

Thanks to all my friends on this forum for all their help in getting this figured out. Especially after re-reading the posts on the cables. I figured that 1. NOS parts should be like new parts (not necessarily so - they are 35 to + 50 yrs old as well) 2. Mental blocks do happen.. and 3. Always try one more time before really throwing in the towel!

Thanks again everybody! On to the next task on the road to restoration!

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