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'56 Buick transmission

Guest TRJR

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I have a 1956 Buick century w/ 322 cu.in. and original trans. I don't know if it is a dynoflo,But it doesn't want to **** in to park all the time could this be a vacuum module and can it be removeed/replaced w/o droping the trans any help or infor. would be greatly appreciated.


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It is a Dynaflow. And you're into a rebuild or partial rebuild I think. There is a part in the Dynaflow called a "Parking Pawl" and that part was prone to break. Good luck. I had a spare transmission, but I gave it to another guy when I sold the car. If you have to take the transmisison out, you might as well go through it.

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Replace your mounts: engine, trans and the unique-to-Buick thrust pad especially. The latter locates the engine and trans length-wise in the car and will impact how the trans responds to the shift-lever - to the point of not going into gear properly or not holding in Park.

It is not hard to do, and parts are easily to be had. Do this before trying to rebuild anything.

And get yourself a shop manual so yo can adjust the trans linkage once all the new stuff is in place.

You should be on the Buick Club side of this forum...

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