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My first time in a Model A a great weekend


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I have been in the restoration field for 16 years and i have never had the chance to drive a model A. The owner of this 28 Phaeton let me and my six year old son take the car out for the weekend, we ended up at local car show and have put close to a 100 miles on the car since. I can't remember having more fun than driving this great car down the road and spending the weekend with my son. I think it is time to save up and start looking for a stock Model A of my own,


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If i had the money i would take the 28 phaeton. I can afford to restore and build these car just can't afford to own one yet.

The out side handles look correct but i would have to double check, there are some items on the car that are not 100% Ford items like the heater and other small stuff, and the car is showing it age as far as the suspension parts go all the bushings could be redone. All in all the car runs great and drives nice, I am just lucky enough to get to drive this car for a little while.

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