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Drive line vibration - 56 Special

Guest Koala

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I have a 56 Special with Dynaflow that has a vibration around 50mph roadspeed. The vibration is only present in a 10mph speed range and goes away at higher and lower speeds. You can feel it through the chassis as you go on and off the accelerator and also goes away as you `float' between acceleration and deceleration.

Can't find anything like this in earlier posts so I am enquiring if anyone has had anything similar before I get my hands dirty?? I'm guessing that it has something to do with the torque ball/uni joint/thrust pad/ transmission mount area.


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Guest NikeAjax

G'day Hoss! Um, yeah, mine did that too before I had my tranny rebuilt. They fixed so much stuff that I can't say for sure what it was; my bottom is still sore from what it cost me, YEOWCH!

Is your tranny leaking at all? If it is the torque ball, it's about a days work, if your good. I fixed mine once, but as it turned out, there was more to mine than that though. Make sure you get the right seals too, don't just get them from a tranny guy, make sure they've done work on Dynaflows. The work isn't hard, just tedious.

Good luck,


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