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1927 Buick clock wanted


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according to the 1930 master parts book the clock is a Phinney Walker rim wind auto watch. My guess would be that the Waltham is an after market one.<P>The Phinney Walkers have a bracket that screws to the board over the windshield. It is similar to the base of the mirror bracket.

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Hi Fred,<P> Thanks for the information. The car is a model 27-29<BR>Brougham. There is a 2 1/2 " hole to the right of the ignition switch. There was a clock in there before I bought the car but it was "missing" when I went to look at it. The owner told me it was a Waltham but he could have been wrong.<BR>I looked it up in the parts book group # 9.769 and they do list the Phinney Walker 405 clock on dash. I was told that a clock was an option on this car. I guess I will not know for sure unless I find someone with the same original car. There is only one listed in the Buick club but I haven't been able to get through to him.

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