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Winton "The Vermont" early car show trophy cup.

Guest Silverghost

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Guest Silverghost

I have in my posession a trophy cup that family oral history & lore says was given to my great uncle by the "Mad Dr." Horatio Nelson Jackson himself owner of the famous Winton "The Vermont" They were friends and early auto buffs.

The cup is engraved~

Interstate Horse and Auto Show

June 5-6 1906

Rutland Vt.

Does any AACA member know of this early car show event?

Is there an extant photo of the Dr. and The Vermont at this show?

Any photos of this cup ?

I would like to trace the hstory of this trophy cup and this early car show event!

Does any of the "Mad Dr's" family still exist with possibe photos or newspaper clippings ?

If we can in fact trace it's history to the Dr and his historic Winton "The Vermont"

So far all I have is the inscribed cup and a family lore story~

I really need facts to back-up this story if possible ?

I would be willing to loan the trophy cup to the AACA museum for display!

There must be some history of this early car show and this trophy cup out there ?

The AACA museum might possibly be of some help?

If not~ Possibly Ken Burns, or the Smithsonian who own the Winton~

Sounds like a great case for the History Detectives Show !

Brad Hunter

215 947 4676

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Guest Silverghost


An AACA Forum member has today made the first DOCUMENTED newspaper proof of this historic early auto & horse show event from early Newspaper archive clippings (SEE his posting in our AACA Memorabilia & Printed Material foum !) ~~~~

The Interstate Horse and Auto Show

June 5-6 1906

Rutland Vermont


This is only the first step in really getting DOCUMENTED PROOF that this cup was awarded to Dr. Horatio Nelson Jackson and his auto "The Vermont" !

We need much more than this to remove any doubt !

I am not a historic researcher or "History Detective"~

I need YOUR HELP !

If we can really PROVE beyond ANY DOUBT the history of this silver trophy cup~

I will then strongly believe that this historic auto show cup should be displayed in an automobile museum with the honor it deserves !

The AACA MUSEUM does not own Dr' Horatio Nelson Jackson's historic Winton "The Vemont" , his scrapbooks, photos, or his pit-bull dog "Bud's" goggles~


It just may one day display with honor this great Silver Trophy Cup the MAD DR." and his historic Winton "The Vermont" were once awarded at this early auto show of 1906 !

WE need more DOCUMENTED PROOF before I turn this artifact's custody over to the AACA ANTIQUE AUTO MUSEUM !

I hope this can happen very soon !

My late father Arthur Hunter & I would like to see this historic trophy displayed in the AACA Antique Auto Museum !


215 947 4676


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