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Need some help with Dodge Brothers wheels

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Hey guys I have a pair of Dodge Brothers wheels that I know nothing about other than they are Dodge Brothers. If you guys can help me with any info on these it would be greatly appreciated.

Here is what I know:

Wooden 19" wheels with Dodge Brothers center caps complete with drums, and outer bearings. It has Allstate tires which actually aren't that bad. The tires say 475-19 5.00-19 4 PLY

I have included some pics. Thanks, Ron.




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The wheel and rim will also fit a 1930 Chrysler and 1930/1931 Hupmobile. These appear to be front wheels. You can stick your finger in the backside of the wheel, check for a tapered hub with a slot for a key (back) or has a cup for a bearing (front). Or if you unscrew the hubcap, you can see if they are for a tapered axle (rear) or have a bearing cup (front).




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Hi, I have a 29 Dodge DA with exactly the same wheels,

I have been offered a pair of fronts that from the pictures look the same BUT they have 11" brake drums and my DA has 12", they are 12 spoke 19" tyre size and have 8 rivets in the centre, what car had similar wheels but 11" drums?

They look like they will fit apart from the drums, I need some spare wheels as my car was imported from Africa to the UK and the wheel rims have neen welded and repaired several times, Any idea what they might be from and if they are likely to be fit my DA?

Thanks, Pat

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