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Bent front caliber Bolts ???


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I just replaced the front brake pads on my 1989 Riviera. Non Tevis systen. Regular brakes.

The caliber bolts on the Right Front were bent.

I would appreciate any thoughts.

Iwas told by a friend it may have been the result of a Panic stop.

This makes no sence to me!

I have replaced the bolts when doing thr R&R and car is fine.

Any thoughts Appreciated.


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Brakes get hot from use.If used continusely, down hill will over heat. Then a panic stop could bend the bolts. When decending hills, apply and release brakes to let them cool off. The way the auto is driven is shown in the brakes,such as how fast they need repair. No lube left on the bolts, this is a sign of over heating.

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Another good point. The ones that bent were the aftermarket I replaced a number of years ago following the manual's instructions. Fortunately I kept the original ones in my stash of stuff. That got me up and running. Seems none of the local suppliers stocked caliber bolts for this application. I order 4 new after market bolts from Autozone for $7.99 each. Think I will keep for next R & R of front brakes.

Thanks again!

Another reason why this board is the best!

Wish the group over at the Cadillac board was as helpful!

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