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Big car headlamp

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The light looks like a Ryan light. These lights are an after market light from the mid to late 1920s. As I recall, from my failing memory, they were called a Ryan Model 19 light. They may have been offered as an option on some cars. The Ryan lights that I have seen, have a plated back with a design of sorts pressed into the back. The painted back lights may have been a lower priced light for commercial vehicles.


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Most Kissel Gold Bug speedsters from the mid 1920's onwards were equipped with Ryan lights. See picture about Kissel Gold Bug Speedsters on the web or in the AACA Forums. We just had 10 Gold Bugs in Michigan for a grand gathering, and i believe all of the 1925's onwards had these Ryan Lights, plated, not painted.

Thanks, -- RON HAUSMANN P.E. --

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I have a pair on my 1930 sayers ambulance but they're not the pancake lights, they're standard depth. They were also used on some Stutz's. I need a Ryan side light if anyone has one or two, they matched the headlights.

My 1929 Franklin had those protruding lenses, but with deeper buckets.

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Yes I agree with Restored 32 on this one.

Kissel introduced Ryan Lites mid 1927. The introduction in 1927 came about as a result of a change to smaller diameter wheels. The 6-55 speedster went to 19 inch rims and the dome shaped lights introduced in 1926 no longer fitted between fender and radiator. All speedsters were fitted with Ryan Lites at that time, however. the dome shaped side lights remained for a short time and were replaced with Ryan Lite side lights late in 1927. The Ryan lite side lights were single bolt mounted on speedsters. The introduction of the kissel Model 8-65 (Lycoming 8 cyl in the Model 6-55 chassis) was also fitted with 19 and 20 inch rims. All models were fitted with Ryan Lites at this time. In 1928 Kissel went to 18 inch rims and continued to fit their cars with the flat Ryan Lites. The new smaller 6-70 launched in late 1927 had a smaller version of the same light. Kissel changed their fenders in late 1928 with the introduction of the models 8-95,6-73 and 8-126 and changed to a domed shaped Ryan Lite. The flat Ryan Lites used by Kissel in 1927 and 1928 were the smooth back type not the ones with a pressed design in the back of the shell.

I hope this helps



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this is so neat! thanks for all the help. You Kissel guys check the unknown steering wheel I also listed in the what is it. Might be from same car! they were about 5 feet apart in the shed where I found them. Gonna list the Ryan-lite as I'll never own a Kissel unless that Irish Sweepstakes ticket comes thru:D

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Long time after the fact about interest in this Ryan light but have had one on the front of our

1933 Chrysler, Royal eight CT for over twenty years, as per picture.

Will be offering one in very good condition but with a cracked lens on EBay shortly.


1933 CT.JPG

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