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1923 Chandler Chummy Motor

Guest Classicjerry

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Guest Classicjerry

The students are continuing their work on putting the Chandler motor back together. We have a couple of issues that we would like to get figured out. There is an oil pipe that runs near the camshaft that provides pressured oiling to the cam bearings and the main bearings. There is plumbed 1/4" tubing to connect to these bearings from this pipe. Does anyone know the shape of these pipes so that they do not interfere with the crank rotating? Also, how do they connect to the bearing caps? Is there compression fittings or are they treaded?

Also our fan pulley and the pulley on the end of the camshaft are toast. Anyone have a print to make these or have good ones laying around that would go to a good cause? I would love to discuss your Chandler and learn about ours as well in the process. Thanks, Jerry

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