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1927 DB coupe serial #.....HELP

Guest 27 coupe

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Guest 27 coupe

I cant find anything, anywhere that can tell me what my VIN/serial # means. I really have no clue on the exact car i have. can someone please help.... D989259 is the #...thanks

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Hi 27 coupe!

You will find a lot of help from Dodge Brothers Club members in the "Dodge and Dodge Brothers" section at: Dodge & Dodge Brothers - AACA Forums

Be sure to check there! The Club recently published a full study on Dodge Serial Numbers for those early Dodges covered by their Club.

Sounds like you have a car titled by "Engine Number" - a common practice back in those days for many States. BTW: What State are you in? That may help with questions concerning titling and registration.

Have fun with your coupe! :)

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Guest 27 coupe

im in California.....i have to get the vin # varified by my local DMV...the car came from AZ......i think it might be a problem since the # on the title is different than the body Serial #.....unless i let them think the motor # is the Vin ...HAHA and thanks to 1936 D2

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Sounds like you have an AZ title for the 27 Coupe?

I would strongly suggest you find the "Serial Number" on the frame as suggested by Dave Wollam (dwollam) on the other thread. (See: http://forums.aaca.org/f143/help-what-do-i-have-1927-a-289059.html ).

You will be running into trouble if the numbers don't match for sure! Are you sure you have the correct title for that particular 1927 Coupe? It seems odd that there would be a '38 export engine in it. Can you find that title's VIN number anyplace on the actual engine block that is in the car? If so, then you DO have the right title and the car was one of the ones titled by "Engine Number" in the past. (This practice of using the "Engine Number" was done on the earlier cars up into the 50's or 60's in many States).

Once you have the "Serial Number" off the frame, another suggestion is to contact the "Chrysler Historical Collection" at:

Chrysler LLC

Corporate Historical Collection

12501 Chrysler Fwy.

CIMS 410-11-21

Detroit, MI 48288 USA

Attn: Historical Information

E-mail: archives@wpchryslermuseum.org

Fax: 313-252-2928

I am not sure if they will be able to help as their website lists having build records for Dodge from 1930 - 1967. They MAY have some type of info on the earlier cars. It is worth an email anyway.

In ANY case, be sure to have as much info gathered as possible BEFORE contacting your local DMV about correcting the title or updating it! I would suggest you do a web search on all of the statutes in CA concerning titling and registration of collectible or antique vehicles and make yourself knowledgeable as to how the CA system works! BE AHEAD OF THE GAME. You will save yourself a lot of grief if you have "all your ducks in a row" BEFORE you approach them the first time. (You may not even be able to handle antique vehicles at your local DMV. It is possible this can only be done through a particular State office specially designed for or knowledgeable about them).

Good luck! :)

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