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decoding help


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if anyone could help in lost in decoding

the vin #7j1022636

and on the other tag


syle 63-4747 fb7259

trim 748j2 aa

acc d 17 n2 su8 z4

and on the block on both sides under the

valve covers was the #1196914

if there are any other numbers to help

me fiquere out this car it would be helpful

thanks foe help

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Your data plate info decodes as follows:

11b - build date, November 2nd week

style - 1963 Riviera (4747)

fb 7,259 - production sequence number out of 40,000

748 - White leather

J2 - Power bucket seats

AA - Regal Black

D - radio

I7 (not 17) Tinted glass - windshield only

N2 - air conditioning

S - remote outside mirror

U8 - power windows (U6) and Power Vents (U7)

Z4 - Remote trunk release

The data plate does not include options that do not require a clip, hole, stud, or something that Fisher Body did to modify a base body to accept these options. Thinks like tilt wheel, four note horns, cornering lights, twilight sentinel, guidematic, wheel covers, and tire options are not on the data plate.

The engine code is either JT (401) or JW (425) and is found on the surface where the valley cover sits. See attached link and look for the Production Code Number.

Team Buick

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You may have to scrape some crude from where it's been stamped in. It's not cast (raised) so it may be full of paint, grease, dirt, or a combination of all. The casting number you sent are on the heads, and 401's and 425's both used the same heads. Keep looking, it's there. :)

I've attached a picture of an engine I had to scrape the paint off of in order to find the numbers. The M and the W are not that close together but this does ID this engine as a '66 425.

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All '63 engines are silver with the red air cleaner. Both the 401 and the 425

'64 and '65 engines are painted "Buick Green." All '64s were 425's. In '65 you could get either.

All Riviera engines for '66 were the 425 with the new Quadrajet carburetor and were painted red. Don't take this as gospel for your engine size, the decals are still available and easy to swap.

Yours is correct for the year.

If the air cleaner is complete, there should be a "Riviera Wildcat 445" or Riviera Wildcat 465" decal on the center disk. The 445 is the torque rating for the 401, the 465 is the torque rating for the 425. There should also be a small silver decal with a black wildcat head on the snorkle of the air cleaner.

401's were rated at 325 hp, 425's were rated at 340 hp, and the dual four barrel "Super Wildcat" 425's were rated at 360 hp.


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The 425 option was not available on the Riviera in the '63 model year until January 1963. So if you have the original "numbers matching" engine in your car, it will be a 401. Your car was built the week after mine. I'd like to see some photos of the interior, dash, instruments, trunk, under the hood.

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