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'37 Airflow C-17 headlight lens. Interchange? Used?

Guest franktheviking

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Guest franktheviking

Hello all. I just acquired a 1937 C-17. It is a very decent, completely original, Arizona car that has been sitting since 1965. It unfortunately is missing one headlight lens.

This is the oval shaped lens. Can anyone tell me if it was used on any other models (royals, etc), or is it a one year, one model, item? Also, if you have one available, please contact me.

The info from the other lens is:


C. M. Hall Co.

Detroit, MI


Thank you in advance.

It is also missing the lower front seat cushion. Same question applies.

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Congratulations on owning what is one of my all time favorite cars. I can not answer the lens question but I believe these would be shared with other Chryslers and maybe even makes.

All C17 trim is specific to the 1937 C17 Airflow which you may know is a last year for the Airflow.

The front seat bottom would have Airflow specific dimensions but you could get a core from probably any Airflow senior series (large sedan) from 35-37.

Finally, this forum is not very active. I reluctantly recommend you contact the Airflow Club of America for more help. There are some knowledgeable folks in that club.

I say reluctant because I have had issues with Airflow collectors and parts hoarders. (Not necessarily in that club but some are in the club) They would (Airlfow parts collectors) rather hold onto those rare parts others might need. But there are some good folks in the club and that should be your source for Airflow questions not necessarily this forum.

Good luck and if you can please add photos of your car.

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