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Your Opinion - 1966 Ford F250

Buy it, or don't buy it?  

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  • 3 weeks later...
That'd be great, but it's a little bit of a complicated situation. I live in Hershey, PA. However, the truck is in Greensboro, NC. They guy selling it lives right next to my uncle's house, in Greensboro. I go there to visit him often, and that's the only reason why I know about it...

hey partner did you ever buy that 66 250?

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Read #78 and #79.

I'd been wondering what became of this truck too, but I can understand Austin deciding against it. Would have been a neat vehicle though.

yea, I'd hate to think of that rare of a truck being used mabey 3 times a year on a farm i'd like to get my hands on that 4x4

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  • 2 years later...

I'm also looking to buy a 66 250 but I would not buy this because of rust. The rust in the bed and the doors are hard and expensive to fix, trust me I have experience... The options make it rare... and even if it sat for 5 years like it did, but had absolutely zero rust it would be worth around 4800. If I were you I would pay 1600. Nowadays I see 66s going into the 20 and 30,000 range when they're all fixed up but getting them there is hard and expensive, and takes time. How is the rust on the frame? If the frame is good, everything else can be fixed, but some things are more expensive to fix than the car/truck is worth... Beds are easier to replace than to fix, just for future reference, and remember a nice long lasting paint job is 4-6,000 so add that into costs! Before you buy you should add up the cost to fix plus to by and subract that from what it will be worth, rust is one thing to add up, and if it is negative, you have to either move on or talk them down. Also I think a 67-72 would be more fitted to you anyway because most of them had power steering and power brakes even with manual transmissions, which is nice.

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Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. The thread that you have replied to is over 2 years old, the original poster decided not to buy that particular truck. Hopefully you will find other discussions of interest to you here.

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I had an F100, which was the favorite pickup of my choosing. It was a 1966 shortbox with 240 six cylinder and short box. Had a real love for it, it rode so nice with the Twin Ibeams and I put thunderbird power buckets in it. It somehow would beat time to the Rolling Stones tapes playing in the 8track. (BLM, I think those pockets in the door may be a rare accessory that were hard to find even when they were New). Being 2WD, and 1/2 ton, my truck was nothing much like the unit you are considering purchasing, but I can tell you that the one you are considering will climb all but straight up! A few people put 17 inch tires on them, back in the day, which did allow them to go straight up -- almost! Should be a fun truck, if affording the gasoline isn't an issue.

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I thought this was a neat thread from four years ago the way it showed so much interest in '66 Fords. Back in 2010 my boss restored one in his body shop...an F250 2WD, 352. He replaced the carburetor & intake manifold and painted it with what I'd call fire engine red. The body was not rusted, and was gone over to perfection before painting. It's been in Idaho forever, in an area whose annual rainfall is 9.5 ", about what they had at the 2013 Hershey Meet.

If any of you guys want to buy a '66 Ford Pickup, it's still for sale. I would describe it as show condition, done by a perfectionist. Marty has about thirty grand in it and he was asking $25K 3 years ago. A little town of 3,000 in Idaho is the wrong market to sell this truck. It had painted stock wheels, body color, and he put on a new set of chrome wheels hoping to improve prospects. The only things unusual on it is he left off the rust-o-matic steel bumper, and he put on a "beer-tap" decorative shifter. If anyone's interested, please contact me by PM, and I'll pass on your name to the seller.

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